To everyone we have served and to all those who have supported us through the years:

It has been an honor for us at the Milwaukee Regional Firefighters Burn Foundation to have served the Community. However after much thought and discussion, we have decided to close the doors of the organization effective January 1st, 2017.

At the first meeting of a handful of good friends in June of 2007 we set out to assist the Burn Survivors of Wisconsin in any way we could. We started out with our only resources being great ideas and a lot of determination. Though we faced several challenges starting out, we learned a lot and pressed on. Now, nearly ten years later, we are sad to say goodbye but we are proud of the things we managed to accomplish.

Special thanks to our many volunteers, supporters and donors through the years. We owe our past success to you.

Steve, Jon, Dino and Erin

Please continue to support other fine organizations such as the:

Professional Firefighters of Wisconsin Charitable Foundation at www.pffwcf.org or Kathy’s House at www.kathys-house.org

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For further information contact Steve at 414-688-2337